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Decision & Risk Analytics

Consultancy | Advisory | Risk Management & Governance | Fractional CxO Leadership

We help growing organizations and startups integrate advanced analytics in their decision processes and business strategy, and to manage the risk of using, developing, deploying, or integrating AI/ML models in their products or operations.

What is Decision Analytics?

Decision analytics combines data-based analytics—e.g., business intelligence, statistics or machine learning—with operations research, scientific principles, and human elements such as subject matter expertise. The goal is to support decisions that drive sustainable growth and profitability. 

Use of these methods and associated technology must be grounded on sound risk management principles with appropriate guardrails to prevent unintended results.


Eva B. Cruz, PhD

CEO & Founder

Who We Are

Key Highlights

  • More than 20 years of corporate and academic experience building, implementing, validating, and using advanced analytics solutions in financial services, banking, and energy sectors, among a wide range of applications (e.g.,  industrial process optimization, balance sheet / revenue and loss forecasting, capital planning, what-if simulations, fair lending compliance assessment, fraud detection, risk-based clustering, among others).

  • Prior corporate executive, with progressive career growth forming and leading teams of quantitative experts in areas such as applied statistics, quantitative finance, econometrics, and data science.

  • Risk management specialist with deep knowledge of governance and compliance processes associated with the sourcing, development, implementation and use of advanced analytics, predictive modeling, and other data-based technologies.

  • Strong academic research background in optimization, controls, and decision-support systems.

  • Effective customer-centric communicator adept at interacting with both non-technical business audiences as well as specialized practitioners.

  • Widespread network of subject matter experts and specialists to bring onboard on a project basis or as potential hires.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell software products?

We are not associated with any software vendor.  Recommendations to clients are strictly focused on what would work best for them given their goals, budget, capabilities, and future plans.

What makes you different from the vast majority of data analytic consultants?
  • Extensive experience operating in regulated environments across roles that included not just building and deploying analytics solutions, but also assessing and managing their risk and building governance and compliance processes.
  • Expertise in predictive model algorithms and mathematical optimization, supported by academic credentials and prior research work.  No junior consultants or 'AI influencers'.
  • Experience in building sustainable business processes and continuous process improvement frameworks. 
  • No-nonsense, straightforward communications throughout our engagement.  No selling services your business does not need, or is not ready for.
  • Enough time up front learning about your business model, KPIs and key stakeholders and how analytics can be embedded into decisions and actions.
Do you follow the same process with all clients?

We first need to understand what your business model, strategy, products and key priorities are.  Only after completing that step, we can agree on the terms of our work.  We could also end up referring you to others in our extensive network if we find that we cannot meet your needs.

Can you help us use AI in our business?

Certainly.  First, we would like to ensure our clients understand what AI is, and what is not.  Recently, the term AI is thrown around to refer specifically to Generative AI, a specific branch dealing with large language models (LLM).  As part of our discovery, we can discuss the merits in the context of your use case(s), as well as any trade-offs.  Generative AI and LLMs are not universal problem solvers, and it may be the case that they will not provide any material ROI.